Every stock held in my portfolio has been slammed by Scientology media manipulating short selling criminals. 

These are some of the securities held in my portfolio & their share price as of 11/02/2018. These valuations are occurring twelve years after the start of our latest market crash that occurred from 2007 thru 2009, called "the Great Recession".

Many of my investments remain down 60 to

90 percent.  Scientology wants you to believe;  

It is all just a coincidence; I'm just  unlucky.

General Electric, used to be one of the largest industrial corporations in the World, (currently at $7.45 down from $58.69), GE has lost more than $400 BILLION in market cap or value, since its high of $58.69, Sprint (at $6.11 down from $74.00), Twitter Corp. (at $34.30 down from $54.00), MBI (at $10.27 or less down from $72), Etrade (effectively at $5.11 down from $26.00), Cisco Systems (at $45.48 from $77.00), 

Bank of America is a merged combination of B of A, Country Wide Financial & Merrill Lynch (All three valued at $27.89, down from $53 for B of A alone), Citigroup (effectively $5.61 down from $53), Sirius XM Radio (at $6.11 down from $60), Ford (at $9.48 down from $33), & Earthlink (effectively at 

68 cents down from $46.00,  98% off its all time high).

​Recently Earthlink's ticker was changed from ELNK to WIN. 

I sold 80% of my position in "WIN" when the ticker changed. 

I expected the stock would tank & it has. The share price has lost 80% of it's value since that ticker change. Just another success story or "WIN" for the Cult of media manipulation. 

Note: E-trade & Citigroup were so out of favor with 

the Scientology scam artists in our markets, that these corporations needed to conduct reverse stock splits, 

at a ratio of 10 to 1, 1000 shares became 100 shares. 

Earthlink, a Scientology controlled corporation that was 

co-founded by Scientologist Reed Slatkin, recently also conducted a 5 to 1 reverse stock split. 

The actual pre-split price can be determined by dividing the current share price by 10 (for E-trade & Citigroup). Division by 5 determines WIN's (formerly ELNK) actual share price.

Why would I buy shares in a Scientology controlled corporation? Scientology has habitually manipulated the financial media to target, harm, or ruin the share valuation 

of any corporation I invest in. 

In some cases, the Cult, using its media manipulation, destroyed these publicly traded corporations, (the share

price went to zero). The employees lost their jobs.

Why not let the Cult ​destroy or ruin their own corporation? With Earthlink (formerly ELNK now WIN), valued at 68 

cents a share, they effectively have. 

Note: as of 07/2019, Windstream Holdings, Ticker "WIN"

has been driven into bankruptcy by its Scientology market manipulating management.  The stock is now worthless.

I predicted "WIN" was headed to bankruptcy in early 2017. 

Wow. Probably just another lucky "guess" on my part.

Scientology will commit any crime to harm me financially, while it obscures the truth, and works to have it appear 

there isn't a Cult of Scientology problem in our markets.

There may be 22 trillion reasons to suspect otherwise.

Using the Financial Media To Harm My investments

Recently the Scientology swindlers (Brian Kelly 

in particular) employed at the CNBC "Fast Money"

program slammed the big banks for the ump-teen time.

Why? Because I have banks  & financial  institutions

 like JP Morgan, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, 

 E Trade, Charles Schwab, & TD Ameritrade in my portfolio.

Tens of thousand of innocent investors & employees of 

these corporations have been harmed financially by these Scientology media manipulating short selling scammers.

With that said about my investments, the Scientology wrecking machine isnt ignoring other areas of my life. 

Recently, Scientology criminals deployed by the Scientology Cult of dirty tricks, called our local police department claiming, "I swerved my vehicle towards 

a neighborhood child". 

That is an accusation of attempted murder of a child. Just another prime example of Scientology tax exempt religious activity, designed to ruin my reputation with law enforcement, and the residents of our neighborhood. 

Scientology uses children to help conduct their campaigns 

of retribution & ruin. Not only had Scientology operatives moved into our neighborhood. The Cult's criminals routinely stalk, follow, & harass, myself or my family, on a daily basis.

The truth is this, I have no criminal record. Not even a 

parking ticket, nothing. In the 1980's & 1990's, I was part

of Scientology's public membership, a customer, never

a staff member.

Scientology spent years trying to convince me to become 

a staff member. I declined. Let's face it, Scientology slavery and criminality may not be for everyone.

Why my Scientology involvement?

I was there for the tech as it is called. The Scientology technology produces a more capable intelligent individual 

and I was interested in that. Only members have access to certain levels. 

I had no idea the Cult in control of this remarkable technol-ogy was capable of being this criminally despicable or evil. After 10 years of involvement, I decided their tech wasn't 

worth the constant scams or abuse & ended my participation.

Scientology has produced the most capable intelligent criminals required to enrich their "Cult of Greed & Power" Scientology's accomplishments, which are to a great 

degree criminal, prove their technology works.


Anyone exposing the truth about their criminal abusive 

scams, like myself, is targeted and attacked, usually in some covert manner.  

 A member of my immediate family once remarked: "Everything they do can be written off as a coincidence".


 Anyone can go online & conduct a keyword search: "Scientology Crimes".  You will likely discover this:

Scientology's record of sophisticated devious 

criminality is difficult to understand & hard to believe.

I respond to all communications I receive involving Scientology. In addition to constant stalking/harassing,

the Scientology wrecking machine routinely hacks our

websites, our email accounts, telephone connections,

vandalizes our vehicles/property, and floods into 

any and all neighborhoods we choose to reside in.

Having 35 years of experience with Scientology, I've concluded, the only thing the Scientology Criminal 

Cult should be allowed to control, is a 6 by 9 foot cell.

Email: bankrupting_our_treasuries at yahoo dot com 

My email account is currently in a state of utter destruc-

tion. No doubt the Cult knows the truth really can hurt.

Social media accounts: (hacked & spoofed regularly)

Twitter:@melvngarycruise (too much Truth, ruined) 

Facebook: Melvin Gary Cruz (hacked, utterly ruined)

Youtube Channel: scientologysecuritiesfraud dot com

Cell Phone (775)461-6172  This phone line is a Cult of Scientology controlled & manipulated party line. Incoming calls usually go automatically to my voice mailbox.  

Be advised: My phone line can or may be answered by a Scientology phone hacking felonious criminal posing as me. This is not a secure line. To deter this activity, I recommend 

and prefer that any caller record all calls made to my line.

Also, you can leave a message, but I can't retrieve any messages. For this reason, I asked Metro T mobile to turn 

my voice mailbox off. They can't. I'm probably just unlucky.

Metro T mobile may be on a run of bad luck also.

I recently purchased some of their stock.