So who are some of the Scientology media manipulating criminals,  which have covertly infiltrated our financial 

media; Usually to the detriment of our National Security, governmental treasuries, ordinary investors & myself?

Below, is a partial list of some of the Cult's membership,  

past and or presently employed at CNBC, Fox Business Network, Bloomberg TV, or elsewhere in our financial media. 

Larry Kudlow spent years on CNBC, helping the Cult manipulate the media & pave a path to fabulous wealth, is currently President Donald Trump's Chief Economic Adviser. Wow ...Talk about NOT having a clue as the fox moves in and takes serious control of the hen house. 

I'm not a buyer of our President's self anointed genius 

in the White House theory;  Although, with this kind 

of uninformed decision making, President Trump may 

want to see if  "One Term President"  is in his dictionary. 

Kudlow certainly has some exceptional abilities, after all, 

 he likely wrote a very interesting anonymous letter. 

  What's next, ISIS in charge of airport security? 

JIM CRAMER, the Washington Mutual basher & destroyer. Cramer, (pictured above), used his media manipulating CNBC "Mad Money" program to bash Washington Mutual into total non-existence. 

WAMU's CEO was put on Jim's personal "Investment 

Wall of Shame". For some reason, Cramer seemed to really despise Washington Mutual & he used his program to attack WAMU on a daily basis. Eventually WAMU's stock went to zero and 13,000 hapless WAMU employees lost their jobs. 


And the IRS should know and understand this;

When the paychecks stop, the tax payments stop also. 

Note: I owned 600 shares of WAMU when it went under 

and out of business.  I must be an unlucky investor.

During the real estate boom (of 2005/2006), Cramer on CNBC told investors to buy Sears Holdings because it

was a shopping center real estate "land bank". I for one, never bought that reeking pile of CNBC horse apples.

Sears recently filed for bankruptcy; The stock is effectively worthless.  Note to the wise...Never trust a Scientology 

media manipulating scam artist.

And guess what ... I'm not the only unlucky person. 

Other WAMU & Sear's investers are unlucky too.

Charlie Gasparino, no doubt deserves dishonorable mention. Gasperino has worked with the Cult's media manipulating short selling scammers to drive General Electric's share price off a cliff and down close to 87%. 

GE used to be one of the largest industrial corporations 

in the world. Thanks, Charlie. Your a credit to your Cult. 

280,000+ GE employees & thousands of investors suffer, 

so the Cult & Charlie can have another big short selling payday. And those amazing coincidences just keep on coming. I currently own 500 shares of GE.  Just another

bad investment. I'm probably just unlucky.

GE has lost $105 BILLION in market value this year, and 

over $450 Billion in value since its high of $58.69 per share.

It couldn't be more obvious. It may be a pure & simple fact.


 GE got very unlucky when I bought 500 shares.

More bad news ... tax payers NEVER pay taxes on losses, 

A capital loss actually results in a tax deduction, (that can 

be taken against other tax liabilities). Let's do some math. 

$450 Billion of loss plus $450 Billion of tax deduction, results 

in hundreds of Billions of tax revenue not in our treasuries. 

Any idea how our Nation got to be 21.6 Trillion in Debt 

as the Cult of Scientology became staggeringly wealthy?

Neal Cavuto & Stuart Varney, the congenial Fox Business Network's smiling or smirking Scientology Hucksters in Chief. Neal & Stuart may be the most charismatic, personable, likable, media manipulating financial scam artists you will ever see helping enrich a sick disgusting criminal Cult.

Lizzy ("Let's Give GE Another Wack") Claman

I have done the research; Her middle name isn't Borden. 

Sue Herrera, the long time CNBC media mangler who chortled: "the media can spin the news any way it likes".  

Yes, I know Sue, I know. Thanks for stating the obvious.

Brian Kelly, the outspoken scourge of any & all financial institutions that I have ever personally invested in. 

Scott Wapner, Kelly Evans, Kayla Tausche, Dominic Chu, Gary Kaminski, Brian Sullivan, Simon Jack Hobbs, Josh Lipton, Matt Nesto, Melissa Lee, Jeff Macke, Erin Burnett, Cody Willard, Pete Najarian, Jon  Najarian, Steve Grasso, Ron Insana, Stuart Frankel, Joe Terranova, Guy Adami, 

Gary (the Financial Sky Is Falling & I'm Short) Kaltbaum. Gary T. (as in traitor) Kultbaum has made a career out of bad mouthing our markets & any stock I invest in; while he sells short & helps Scientology destroy corporations. And not too surprising, Gary T.  really ... really ... hates GE.  

Julia (after Lisa's death, she has little to say) Boorstin, Courtney Reagan, John Ford, Bob O'brien, Suzy Gherob, Diana Olick,  Bill Griffeth, Kathleen Hayes, Jim Goldman, David (he should be in prison pinstripes) Faber. 

Maria (Do you know where your money is?) Bartiromo,  She believes it should be in her Cult's bank account. 

Mark Haynes, on CNBC, in early year 2000, repeatedly exclaimed: "The economy is over heating (the economy 

was cooling) and the market demands another 1/2 point 

interest rate hike". The "genius" Mr. Alan Greenspan and 

the glib unaware Federal Reserve made that exact move. 

Who says CNBC doesn't have some amazing reach?

And that move, along with earlier rate hikes, sank our stock market & then our economy;  As Scientology short selling scam artists rejoiced and laughed all the way to the bank. 

Not a lot of rejoicing for the millions that found their way 

into the unemployment line. Are you sure the Cult should 

be allowed to influence any part of our financial media?

Charles Payne, of the "Making Money" program, on Fox Business. I got it Charles, your Cult is doing exactly that.

Mary Thompson, Tyler Mathieson, Bob Sellers, Joe Kernan, Hampton Pearson, Bertha Coombs, Becky Quick, Mike Huckman,  Sharon Epperson, Jennifer Westhoven, Jerry Cobb, Neil Cavuto, Terry Keenan, Phil Lebeau, Jane Wells, Steve Liesman, Michelle Caruso Cabrera, & Dylan Ratigan.

And finally, there's Bob Pisani, who loves telling anyone that 

will listen: "No one knows what the markets going to do". Sure Bob, no one but your sinister Cult, that infiltrates and takes over anything that supports it's lust of greed & power.

Could anyone doubt that the Cult of Scientology criminal media manipulation used to harm our Nation financially or commit securities fraud, should be thoroughly investigated, criminally prosecuted,  and absolutely utterly exposed?

Currently, we have Scientology short selling scam artists plastered all over our financial markets & financial media.

Short selling is the practice of selling a security or stock 

that you as an investor do not currently own.

Effectively, a short seller is borrowing shares to sell, with the hope that he can buy the same shares back at a lower price to repay (or cover) his short position. Hence the label 

of being "short".

The practice of short selling is actually the reverse of investing. An investor wants his investment in a corp- 

oration to flourish & prosper as the value of their stocks or securities increase.

Conversely, short sellers look to profit on negative financial news or circumstance  that may cause a decrease in a corporation's share valuation. 

Publicly traded corporations routinely lay off employees 

& close facilities when short sellers have their way in our financial markets.

During our latest market crash (2007-2009), corporations like Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual, & many others, went under or ceased to exist as a result 

of a massive amount of short selling. Tens of thousands of employees had their jobs eliminated or wiped out.

In 2009, to preserve our financial system, the Federal 

Reserve was forced to institute a temporary ban on 

short selling of securities in an estimated 900 financial corporations. 

 Any rational individual might ask or wonder 

 why the ban was temporary?

Should this kind of anti-investing be allowed? What possible value does short selling have, other than enriching those that profit on weakening or destroying our publicly traded corporations?

I'm convinced all Scientology short sellers should 

be in a permanent unemployment line.

Scientology members are also slithering into our mainstream media to manipulate the news flow for the Cults benefit, & to suppress the truth about the Cults criminal activities & abuse.

Scientology members Greta Van Susteren, Erin Burnett, 

Neil Cavuto, Brianna Keilar, Eric Bolling, Margaret Brennan, Charles Gasparino, Stuart Varney, Sandra Smith, Chris Hayes, Tom Costello, Michaela Pereira, Martha Maccallum, 

& Maria Bartiromo, are but a few of these individuals. 

Another Scientology target of influence is Hollywood 

or Los Angeles. Here, the Cult is so influential, we 

now have a  boulevard  named for their founder, 

                  "L RON HUBBARD WAY"

This is the same L Ron Hubbard that I have on audio 

tape threatening to send one of his disciple's (an OT) 

to visit the Australian Parliament & have It go "BOOM". 

What's next for Hollywood or Los Angeles, a street 

for Osama Bin Laden, or possibly Adolf Hitler Ave?