Scientology: "The War On The IRS Is Over" (1 Min. 38 sec)

Scientology Master David "Pinocchio" 

Miscavige, Rants, Raves, And Blathers, 

on Winning the War With the IRS.

Miscavige has an unusual affliction. 

Every time Davy tells a lie, his nose 

actually gets a little shorter. Who says  

there isn't any justice in this world?

Full Length Video (2 Hours 38 Min)

Scientology Celebrates Winning their War 

& the Criminal Beat Down of the IRS. Their Opening Ceremony is as Impressive as the 25 Years of Covert Infiltration & Sabotage.

This video Posted With Permission of 

the Angry Gay Pope, One of Mankinds Greatest & Most Sustained Cult of Scientology Critics.

And the incredible facts keep on coming. Scientology, 

the phony religion has a tax exempt status from our IRS.

In 1967, the IRS revoked Scientology's tax exempt status 

as a result of the Cult's focus on enriching L Ron Hubbard, their elusive, evil genius, fugitive from the law, founder. 


 It could not have been more obvious.

 Hubbard's favorite charity was L Ron Hubbard.

Scientology's response to having their tax exempt status revoked, was to declare "WAR" on the IRS. The Cult spent the next 25 years investigating IRS agents, as it infiltrated 

& sabotaged the IRS at every turn. 

IRS conference rooms were bugged by Scientology covert operatives. The Cult had it's membership file 2500 lawsuits disputing the unfavorable IRS ruling. 

Could anyone in their right mind believe any of these 

tactics qualify as actual religious activity? 

And during that 25 year period, Scientology members that had hired into (infiltrated) the IRS, systematically promoted and covertly slithered up the IRS chain of command. 

Predictably, in 1993, Scientology was once again declared 

a "religion" by our IRS, and the Cult's tax exempt status was restored, with their unpaid Billion dollar tax debt wiped away. 

The Cult's covert infiltration & sabotage tactics had triumphed again. No doubt about it. Scientology criminality works. 

What other phony religion or covert criminal organization 

has ever declared war on the IRS & then beat down the 

IRS as it won that war?  The short obvious answer is: 

No other organization, crime syndicate, or Cult ever has. 

How can this be fair? The Nazi's weren't tax exempt. 

The Mafia isn't. The Manson Family didn't have a tax 

exempt status. The KGB wasn't. Al-Qaeda or ISIS isn't. 

None of Scientology's peers were ever tax exempt.  

Yet somehow, the Cult that abused and murdered 

Lisa Mcpherson, did that with a tax exempt status.


As a former member, I can say with absolute certainty, Scientology is nothing more than a criminal oganization   

that masquerades as a religion to avoid paying taxes on 

the money that it swindles from those that it victimizes.

Below are several links that are recommended  &

can assist in understanding the scope, reach, and 

the effect of the Scientology criminal organization. 

The following link is the Time Magazine article, 

"Scientology, the Cult of Greed & Power".

The next link is to an article written by Paulette Cooper 

that details the covert and terroristic mafia like tactics Scientology employed to try to intimidate, silence, & 

utterly destroy her life.

A CNN produced video on phone hacking. This video illustrates how secure our communication lines really 

are & how easy it is for Scientology to hack anyone's

phone calls or communications.

Scientology Burglary & Lies Pave A Path To prison. 

Los Angeles Times articles detailing some of the 

Cult's criminal activities, that include infiltrating and 

burglarizing government offices to steal investigative

files on Scientology. 

What actual legitimate religion needs to do that?
As a result of those crimes, ELEVEN of the Cult's membership, including L Ron Hubbard's wife, 

were sentenced to prison. You have to hand it to Scientology's founder. He even had his wife out 

doing his dirty work.

Years after these articles or videos were produced, 

the Scientology criminal enterprise is certainly flourish-

ing & prospering. While our Nation, that used to be the wealthiest on Earth, is now the Nation with the great-

est debt on the planet.