In 1994 I began exposing the truth about the Scientology

Cult of Criminals, and as a result of that, I was declared 

a  suppressive person and quickly  "Fair Gamed". 

Note: The Cult's Fair Game policy effectively says this: 

the individual is to be lied to, tricked, & utterly destroyed.

Four years into Scientology's covert campaign to destroy 

my life, I opened my first brokerage account and began trading stock market securities, never suspecting that Scientology had any influence or control of our markets.

Markets move on what is broadcast in our financial 

media, and incredibly, the financial media was broad-

casting a torrent of negative publicity that seemed to consistently target my investments.

Not too surprising, the more it happened, the more 

certain I became; This is beyond any coincidence.   

By 1999 my investment strategy became: buy a 100 

shares & let the Scientology media manipulators beat 

my investment down. They were absolutely consistent.  

I continued buying 100 shares at a time, and as usual, 

the  financial media  seemed to hate any corporation I invested in. The more shares I bought, the more intense 

the negative publicity became. 

I began referring to CNBC as: "that Scientology control-

led financial media manipulating playground".

Eventually, after the share price was really beaten down, 

I would buy 1000's of shares at a bargain price. And when earning season came around, my shares would run up, 

often  from  $2 to $4 or more per share.  At that point, I

could sell (dump) shares, having made an excellent profit. 

An interesting aside to my long or buy side investments; 

Late in 1999, I decided to try a short sale to see what that was like. All of my transactions to that point were buy and hold, with occasional selling to take profits. 

In a short sale, the share price needs to fall for the trade to become profitable. Conversely, if the share price rises the short sale becomes a money losing trade. 

Initially, I was short 100 shares in an internet stock and

remained short for a few hours. The result was a small

gain, a $60 profit. The share price had fallen 60 cents 

before I closed or covered my short position.  

My 2nd short sale, (I have only two in twenty years), 

was something I will never forget. I sold short, 1000 

shares in a publicly traded internet search engine. 

That was pretty much like waving a 1000 red flags 

in front of a rampaging market manipulating bull. 

In minutes, CNBC launched into a flood of media hype 

claiming the internet search engine stocks were "on fire". 

Sue Hererra, (on CNBC), was gushing as she exclaimed, 

"Who knows how high these stocks can go".

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. CNBC, that had target-ed & slammed everything I invested in with negative publicity; now was using the financial media to promote, and inflate or run-up (pump), the corporation's stock I had just shorted. 

The search engine stocks started running up. Every point up was a $1000 loss for my short position. CNBC had reversed their normal tactic of negative publicity and gone completely positive to target my position and harm me financially.

For the next few days, CNBC and numerous other media outlets, continued driving search engine share prices to the moon. The stock prices for search engines had run so much that many of these corporations began announcing stock splits; And that was soon to include the stock I was short. 

Sue Herrera, on CNBC again, was ecstatic & beaming as 

she asked . . . "Who knows what search engine is going to 

announce a stock split next?" I have never seen her happier. 

I decided to cover my short and moments after my cover, 

that stock announced a 2 for 1 stock split. Predictably, the stock ran-up even more. Had I waited another minute to cover my short, my losses would have likely doubled.

It was a huge loss for my second, and to this day, my last 

short sale, with this lesson learned.  Scientology control 

of our financial media, is control of our markets. Period. 

Despite the occasional setback (in 1999), I still managed 

to make over $300,000 in our markets with my unusual 

investment strategy. I have my 1999 tax return that is an 

inch thick; That year, I paid well over $100,000 in taxes. 

If I can make that amount in our markets, as the Cult 

used our media trying to prevent it; How much money 

do you think Scientology made while manipulating or controlling our financial media?

Between 1998 & 1999 I bought or sold securities more

than 2300 times (including two short sales). Each and 

every buy transaction was targeted by the financial media, 

CNBC  in particular, but not limited  to that media outlet. 

To memorialize all of this media manipulation (1998-1999),

I made 100's of VHS recordings. The Scientology media manipulating scam artists on CNBC used a constant flow 

of "investor professionals" to attack each of my investments.  

Seth Tobias of "Circle T & Partners" & Jerry Castellini 

of "CastleARC Investments" were two of the many that 

made frequent appearances on CNBC & routinely slam-

med any of the publicly traded corporations I invested in. 

Note: In Scientology OT (Circle T) stands for "Operating Thetan", which is a high level Scientologist, & ARC is 

defined as Affinity, Reality, & Communication. 

It takes a lot of blatant arrogance to be this transparent 

about the Cults criminal media manipulation in conduct of 

a campaign of retribution designed to harm me financially.

Be advised: I plan on spending the rest of my life working 

to wipe that arrogant smirk off the faces of every Cult of 

Scientology media manipulating financial criminal.

Visiting the FBI in June of 1997 

Years earlier, I knew beyond any doubt, that the Cult 

was hacking my phone calls. In 1997, I visited the FBI 

& for the first time in my life, I spoke with an FBI agent. 

Here is what he said or recommended;

"It's hard to prove (phone call hacking), hire a private investigator, get a cell phone, write a book, and spread 

the word." Notice none of his suggestions required any 

action from our FBI.  How self serving and convenient. 

In 1998, the first year I was online, more of the same. 

The Cult was obviously hacking my each & every online 

keystroke,  especially my online trading keystrokes. 


I have absolute certainty on this: nothing is secure 

against Scientology, mankind's wealthiest and most 

capable Cult of tax exempt covert criminals.

Visiting the FBI in December of 1999

Having made $300,000 (in 1999) in our markets, you 

might expect that I would be smiling or skipping all the 

way to the bank, and I was to a degree. 

My joy was tempered with this real concern. Scientology, 

obviously had covertly infiltrated our financial media & markets; Was enriching its Cult of Greed, as it used that same apparatus (conveniently) to target my investments. 

As a Scientology member from 1985 to 1994, I had learned the unique characteristics and behavior of a Scientologist. The Cult's policy is to attack all perceived enemies in every way possible. Enemies need to be utterly destroyed.   

And guess what, Scientology views our government as criminal, corrupt, and an enemy that the Cult would like to shut down permanently. Is there really any National Security without a budget to provide for it?  

I resolved to contact the FBI, again in person, in December of 1999. I traveled to the FBI Field Office in San Rafeal, Calif. (I lived in Napa Valley, Ca.); Two round trips, four hours of driving. I spoke with agent Elizabeth Castenada, and I was interviewed at length.   

I detailed what the Cult was doing in our markets. Agent Castenada seemed disinterested. Remarkably, FBI agents take an oath to protect & preserve our Constitution.  

Currently Porn Queen payoffs seem to really grasp the

FBI's attention. Scientology financial crime all over our markets and they pretty much yawn.

Any idea why Scientology refers to the FBI as 

"the Federal Bureau of Incompetence".

The Cult is playing a real life game of financial monopoly. 

And If we lose that game, (we are), our National Security 

can be threatened by a serious lack of requisite funding. 

 21.6 Trillion in debt is not a resource or funding. 

No doubt you could write all of this information off as nothing more than thousands of coincidences. With more than 2800 stock market transactions to date; that were consistently targeted by the Scientology scam artists in our media; 

That is 2800 coincidences, I am definitely not buying.

Keeping score: Our Nation is drowning in a sea of debt, 

as Scientology has become staggeringly wealthy. Isn't this 

a complete reversal of the way things actually should be? 

The Cult's master plan is this: infiltrate it, control it, and

take it over. Anything that allows Scientology to become

more influential, powerful, or wealthy is targeted. 

Predictably, the U.S. financial markets, being the greatest concentration of wealth on the planet, have become a

prime Scientology target.  

Most may not understand the scale of the wealth that is 

in our financial markets. Here's an example. For the year 

of 2017, all the large casinos in Las Vegas & Nevada had 

a total profit of less than 3 Billion dollars

Conversely, in 2009  when Congress failed to pass the stimulus package, our stock market cratered & in one day 860 Billion dollars in market value or capitalization was lost.

Anyone who believes the Cult of Greed & Power hasn't recognized the incredible wealth that is in our markets, 

may not understand what Scientology is actually about.

Scientology's membership has infiltrated the financial 

media (CNBC, Fox Business Network, & Bloomberg TV, etc) & used that influence to manipulate or control our markets as it enriches their tax exempt criminal Cult.

Could anyone in their right mind believe it wise to have Scientology financial scam artists in control of any part 

of our financial media outlets? 

Is it wise to allow a group dedicated to covert destruction 

of our Government & our way of life, to have effectively limitless financial resources swindled from our markets?

I established this email account in 2003  

What a coincidence, 21.6 trillion in debt & our Country has limited resources to protect & preserve our National Security. 

Apparently, printing money & borrowing from the Chinese have become two of our Nation's greatest resources.

Scientology is the tax exempt phony religion that 

has covertly gamed, rigged, & infiltrated our system

of financial markets, our law enforcement, our IRS, 

and our Nation's Security Exchange Commission.

With that said, is there a more important issue for the 

IRS, the FBI, Homeland Security, or our Military, than protecting the financial resources that allow our govern-

ment or these agencies to accomplish their mission?

Our Nation's economy, its deficits, or budget issues can 

not be resolved without knowing the effects Scientology 

has had on our financial condition, & the threat the Cult  

is to our National Security or our personal freedoms.

Scientology has proven for decades that their covert 

criminal tactics work. Lets face it, the Cult is tax exempt. 

Our law enforcement and compliance agencies continue using tactics that work well against ordinary criminals,

as these same tactics have proven unsuccessful against Scientology's unique criminal  behavior and or activities.

Scientology membership employed at CNBC & other media platforms, deliberately engineered market bubbles, only to deflate these bubbles during the market crashes of yr 2000, known as the Technology Bubble, & that of 2007-2009, 

called the Great Recession. 

An estimated 30 trillion dollars of wealth was wiped away as a result of the crashes. Millions of our citizens joined the rank of the suddenly unemployed.

In 1999, our Nation had a Federal budget surpluse. 

There was talk that we might pay off the national debt.

Since these market crashes, immense Federal deficits have pushed our debt to unsustainable levels, as Congress has had to continually increase our debt limit to avert further government shutdowns.

Incredibly, while markets crashed & our economy suffered, the Scientology criminal Cult became staggeringly wealthy front running the positive financial market news that they produced (the pump), & then short selling securities as they later produced the negative market news flow (the dump).   

And if these criminal accomplishment aren't remarkable enough, Scientology  used  our media, including the financial media to blame other entities for the financial 

market catastrophes they engineered. 

Technology stocks or Dot Com exuberance were claimed responsible for the market bubble that crashed in 2000, & "the Banks" were blamed for the Great Recession or 

crash of 2007-2009.

No doubt, participants like the Banks, the Dot Coms, 

money managers, investors, & the Federal Reserve, all contributed to the market bubbles & subsequent crashes. 

The reality is this, the root cause was Scientology's deliberate criminal media manipulation, motivated 

by the Cult's lust of greed & power.

Several years ago, a teenager (17 years of age & not a Scientologist), illegally made over a million dollars with a pump & dump scheme that manipulated penny stocks by posting bogus information on internet message boards. 

Eventually his scheme was discovered, resulting in his prosecution & conviction. Scientology's financial crimes 

are more sophisticated & to date remain undiscovered 

or prosecuted. 

Any money manager, financial adviser, or teenager knows the markets move on what's reported in the financial media. He who controls the financial media can control the up or down movement of our markets. 

Knowing in advance which way (up or down), the markets 

will move is effectively a license to steal. Not too surprising, Scientology has used that knowledge to become fabulously wealthy.

There's much to see and know here. So, take your time, 

look around and find out what there is to know about the

current Leader of Scientology & their Cult's apparently 

limitless  access  to fabulous financial resources. 

David Miscavige, the Cult Master, Spends Money as if 

He Has the Printing Presses, While Living a Lifestyle 

of the Fabulously Rich and Despicable.

Miscavige may not need to print money, especially 

if the Cult is allowed to manipulate or control any 

portion of our financial media or our markets.

Here is some interesting data on how David Miscavige 

spends the Cult's incredible bottomless buckets of cash.


Given that context, let’s see how DM lives. Predictably, Miscavige pays himself a huge salary of his tax exempt 

dollars.    And that is without having to pay for any food, clothing, housing, transportation, or preferred companions.

His salary "dwarfs" what the average Scientology Staffer or (SS) is paid. Over the last few years or so, he's paid himself untold millions. I'm sure Miscavige believes he's worth every penny, no doubt a legend in his own mind.

Dave needs a place to stay in LA when he’s in town? No problem, purchase a $4,600,000.00 apartment complex. A pittance compared to the umpteen millions spent to buy up blocks of Clearwater, Florida. (Scientology's, Mecca of Tax Exempt Technical Criminal Perfection). 

And Hollywood, Los Angeles, or Hemet, California? 

More of the same, city blocks & hundreds of acres 

owned & controlled by Scientology. 

Several years ago, in a televised celebrity interview 

in Hollywood, Calif. the subject of Scientology came 

up. The well known  celebrity's response was: 

"Scientology, they own Hollywood."

If Dave needs to fly somewhere, Miscavige routinely takes 

a private jet. I guess a commercial flight is beneath him. Millions have been spent to fly Miscavige and his personal staff around the world in the last ten years.

If another Scientology Slave or Staffer (the SS) has to go somewhere on business, it’s the cheapest flight possible. 

And if they have to go some where for personal reasons, 

say a family emergency, they (or their family) have to pay.

DM wears $5,000 tailored suits, $500 Egyptian cotton shirts, the finest Italian leather shoes. The average Scientology dirty worker may get his or her uniform supplied, if they are lucky. 

If they need any other clothing, say something nice to wear on that rare day off, they have to buy it themselves. And if they need a change of underwear (they do), socks, toiletries, or any other personal items, they have to buy those things themselves too. Out of their 40 cents an hour.

And for Miscavige’s personal ground transportation? No expense spared. A $50,000 Acura RL for his visits to the Cults International Base. An $80,000 Range Rover. A $150,000 bullet-proof GMC Van. A $25,000 custom-made motorcycle, & a $110,000 BMW M6 purchased for Dave's amusement on his birthday. Another $45,000 Acura to use when he’s in Clearwater, Florida. 

Most Cult staffers don’t own a car, & if they do, it’s an old clunker they can’t afford the insurance on.

Food? A personal chef who travels with him. Hair-

cut? A personal stylist who travels with him. Laundry? Cleaning? All done by personal staff, who are routinely 

abused and allowed only 3 hours of sleep a night.

And if Dave wants to throw a birthday party to impress 

his friend Tom Cruise? No problem. Dave threw Tom a $750,000 party aboard Free Winds in 2004, & another $750,000 party in 2005. And the food, décor, music & entertainment were all put together by SS members,

paid up to $40 or less a week.

(Tax) Free Winds is a 440 foot luxury liner cruise ship

owned by Scientology for cruising the  high seas or 

special occasions like Tom Cruise's birthday parties.

Who needs a 150 ft yacht, when you have enough discretionary income to purchase, staff, & operate 

a massive 440 foot luxury liner? The fuel bill alone 

would bankrupt any ordinary crime syndicate.

And the Cult's incredible spending spree continues; 

Scientology launched a TV channel (in 2018) called 

"The Scientology Network", at a cost of 100 Million 

dollars & millions more spent for the daily operation.   

The Cult must really love manipulating our markets 

and controlling that lucrative "Fast Money" cash cow.

Leisure time? Miscavige routinely takes lavish personal vacations, including many Caribbean diving trips and 

five star tours of Scotland with truck loads of sampled 

Scotch shipped to one of his palatial "religious" retreats.

Once Dave did an event at a Scientology Celebrity 

Center. The Cultmaster was sweating like a decadent 

pig, it was an outdoor event in LA in August, so not 

too surprising. Miscavige hired an outside video special 

effects firm to erase the sweat sheen, frame by frame, 

at a cost of $150,000.

Oh, and of course his make-up person, a young female subordinate, (paid up to 40 cents an hour), was RPFed for “sabotage.” Displeasing DM always has a consequence.

Note: RPF is the Scientology Cult's "Rehabilitation Project Force". A facility that resembles a Nazi concentration camp with barbed barriers, surveillance cameras, & guards on patrol, (as can be seen in the pictures below this article).

Here we have most Scientology Slaves (the SS) scraping 

and scrimping to get every possible bit of money to the Cult. Most working for less than $40 a week, with no retirement savings, no possessions, living in communal dormitories, and eating cafeteria slop I wouldn't allow my dog to eat.  

While other more fortunate Scientology covert financial criminals, known to frequent & hang out at their local Cult Celebrity Center, work to loot our financial markets. 

These scam artists then receive a tax deduction when 

that money is  "donated"  to  the Cult  of Scientology 

media manipulating, not at all religious, crime syndicate. 


The Cult refers to these people as their "big donors".      

Wow.  Talk  about "gaming" our financial system.

This is the world of David Miscavige. A world where he can spend any amount, buy anything he wants, all with billions 

of the Cult's illicit tax exempt stock market pilfered money.

And if you’re thinking, well, he’s worth it, isn’t he? After 

all, he’s booming Scientology. In a tax exempt financial sense, David "the Cult Master" Miscavige absolutely is.

Note: Miscavige has a very hands on management style. Anyone who displeases Dave, pretty much gets slapped around or worse.  You might ask DM's wife about his 

volatile temperament, but she's been missing for years. 

         The pictures above are of a "security fence" at 

         what Scientology calls its Gold or International 

Base on the outskirt of Hemet, California. 

     Notice the spikes protrude in both directions. 

   Scientology finds it necessary to prevent its 

membership from escaping their facilities.