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Scientology the Cult That Infiltrates & Hacks Everything.


There is much to see and know here. So take your time, look around, and learn the truth about the Scientology Cult of Criminals that can get away with murder, while covertly slithering into our financial media and markets.


Information on Scientology's financial crimes and the threat they are to our national security can be found on the other pages of this website.

Above a picture of Lisa Mcpherson in life, and below, one after 17 days of Scientology "care and captivity". The scabs are from insects feeding on Lisa's body prior to her death.                   

When Lisa's family & friends protested Scientology's involvement in her death, a memorial erected for Lisa 

was repeatedly vandalized.  What kind of demented 

Cult  desecrates a  memorial to one of their victims? 

The memorial had read: Remember Lisa Mcpherson

The Incredible Details of Lisa Mcpherson's Isolation & Death

Lisa Mcpherson was held in Scientology captivity & isolation for 17 days. She apparently went without food or water for that entire time. Ultimately, starvation and dehydration re- sulted in her slow agonizing death at the hands of the Cult. 

Scientology's explanation for what happened to Lisa is difficult to understand & hard to believe. The Cult claims 

Lisa refused to eat or drink & fought them violently when

they tried to assist her. 

The real question should be: How was Lisa able to fight 

off her Scientology caregivers when she was obviously unable to fight off insects that were feeding on her body?

All the witnesses to what happened to Lisa were 

Scientology staff members and predictably they

uniformly blame Lisa for her own demise. 

Incredibly, none of Lisa's abusers thought a licensed

physician should be contacted to provide any type 

of appropriate medical treatment prior to her death.

Lisa's Scientology captors claim: "they didn't notice 

insects were feeding on her body, &  her caregivers did 

not even speak English". They may have also been blind. 


After Lisa's death, her Scientology abusers drove by 

three closer hospitals and delivered her lifeless body 

to hospital emergency room staffed by a medical doctor 

who is a Scientologist. Let's face it, that could be what Scientology calls "covering all your bases". 

The Medical Examiner, Dr. Joan Wood, who performed 

Lisa Mcpherson's autopsy, stated: "This is the worst 

case of  dehydration I have  ever seen".  Initially,

Scientology was charged with two felonies as a direct

result or consequence of Lisa Mcpherson's death.

Scientology responded by working covertly to ruin 

the career & psychological well being of the Medical Examiner. The charges eventually were dropped. 

The Clearwater Police Department stated: "We do 

not believe Dr. Joan Wood, the medical examiner, 

can competently testify at trial". 

Lisa Mcpherson  was  the last autopsy of Dr. Joan 

Wood's career. It couldn't be more obvious, ruining

lives is something Scientology is really good at.

Understandably, Lisa's family brought a civil lawsuit 

against Scientology for the Cults involvement in her 

death. And as usual, the Cult viciously attacked Lisa's 

friends & grieving relatives for months. An out of court settlement was eventually mercifully reached. 

Scientology paid Lisa's family a reported $30,000,000. 

Who says all that tax exempt fast & easy money from 

our financial markets doesn't come in handy? 


The following picture of  Lisa Mcpherson  may 

be upsetting to emotionally sensitive individuals.

Is there any crime Scientology will not commit? 

Scientology has turned the abuse of women into something the Nazi's or ISIS would be proud of. 

As a result of the many anti-Scientology demonstra-

tions after Lisa Mcpherson's horrible death, the City

of Clearwater, Florida passed a local ordinance that makes it illegal to demonstrate against Scientology. 

It couldn't be more obvious. Occupied Clearwater

prefers to maintain peace and tranquility while 

Scientology gets away with murder. 

Note:  Many of Clearwater's well meaning residents,

wish Scientology hadn't infiltrated their beautiful city.  

Personally,  I'm convinced the Cult's membership

should reside in the nearest super max penitentiary. 

Scientology's Manipulation of the Clearwater Police

This powerful documentary video illustrates

how Scientology has manipulated the City of Clearwater, Florida & its Police Department. 

A local Judge recently remarked: "the

Clearwater Police Department has become

a private security force for Scientology".